Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year visit

Happy Chinese New Year to all Malaysians & those celebrating.
May happiness & health be with you.
As everyone is celebrating, the squad too is doing the same.
The squad's celebration here is not a gathering or an open house.

We are visiting..
A visit to those who are less fortunate..
Also, we are giving..
Giving out red packets to cheer them up..
These 'ang pows' are sponsored from our squad's officers in the name of DS.

Our first station is to the St. Nicholas

Then we move on to The Salvation Army's Children Home

After that the squad travel to the St. Joseph's Home..
Over here no picture of the children is allowed to be taken, so there's only pictures of the surrounding..

Later we went on to Ramakrishna Ashram..
Sadly, when we reach, the children are in temple for prayers..
So the red packets are given to the staffs..

And our last stop is at The Children's Protection Society..

We happily ended our journey back to HQ..

Wishing all a Blessful New Year

Thanks to all who had joined!!