History of DS


The Squad was first formed in the '60s under the name of Emergency Squad with Division Superintendent Chow Sim Chong as Officer in Charge. Every division had to send in their representatives to the Squad. The Squad was made up of members specially selected from their divisions. However, about 2 years later, the Squad slowly died due to poor response from the divisions and members being unable to endure the tough training.


The Squad was revived in a meeting held on 31/1/71 called by Mr. Lim Siew Sun at the St. John Ambulance headquarters. It was renamed Disaster Squad. The purpose was to have a group of highly trained St. John members in the North East Area who will devote their spare time to help others in time of need.

The initial training were rescue & fire fighting conducted by the Civil Defence, discipline & drill by the Army and sea/river rescue by the Navy.


There was a few call -up for help to the Squad. Among those are the Caunterhall flood and a huge fire in Jelutong.

In the early and nid 70s, Mr. R. A. Bottles took over the Squad and there was never a dull moment. Besides the weekly training, there would be duties, camps and helping out at the State and Area functions.

In 1976, the Squad was registered and its flag blessed on St. John's day the next year.

 Mr. R. A. Bottles